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Mike Carey for State Senate

What I care about

The Upper Peninsula can be a model for innovative social and environmental resource management — a sustainable example that others from around the country and around the world can honor and emulate. We can create industries that provide good jobs and strong leadership, and still preserve our tight-knit community values and everything we love about the U.P. This is God’s Country and we are its stewards.


We can preserve our rural family-focused U.P. culture that’s steeped in tradition and secure our inherent connection to the outdoors for future generations. And we can minimize ”Yooper flight” by keeping our young people here to work and thrive for years to come, raising families and continuing to build on their heritage.


We can protect our land from the exploitation of its natural resources by strategically conserving and caring for the beauty of the U.P. landscape through responsible harvesting and restoration. We can create jobs that benefit the working Yooper and still protect our lakes, rivers, forests, wildlife, wetlands, and our freedom to enjoy them.


We can promote the majestic forests, waterways, and natural beauty of the U.P. and increase tourism and commerce. And we can have our educational systems become a destination where engineering, environmental science, agriculture, forestry, and a host of other industries come from around the world to learn how to responsibly harvest and restore resources.


We can prosper not only financially, but improve our quality of life by bringing in businesses and industries that reflect our ambitions without compromising our values of integrity, environmental stewardship, and traditions. We can do it with a balanced approach that responsibly manages our resources and provides new opportunities for jobs.

Mike Carey for State Senate

Meet Mike

I’m a sixth generation Yooper, born in Channing, Michigan. I have an inherent passion for the unique culture and landscape of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. My ancestors first discovered  these prosperous lands in the 1700s. Over the past generations, our family carved a living through logging, farming, building, railroads, sawmills, and mining. Presently I live in Crystal Falls, Michigan with my wife of thirty amazing years, Colleen. We are proud of our four children: Katie, Alex, Luke, and Sam whom have pursued further education in Michigan universities and the United States Air Force.


I graduated from college with degrees in Construction Management and Alternative Energies. Later I was appointed to the Michigan Alternative Energy Commission, and oversaw the implementation of a $1 million grant to develop the wood pellet industry. Since 1986 I have owned and operated my own company, Carey Construction in Iron Mountain. Together my wife and I also operate a ServiceMaster franchise, through which we are able to give back and help homeowners recover from disasters such as a fire or flood. My family and I also deeply value our Christian faith and actively participate as members of the First Presbyterian Church of Kingsford and Grace Presbyterian Church of Sagola.


Since beginning as a Boy Scout when I was a child, I have always had a deep desire to serve others in the community and to protect the place we call home. In addition to my thirty years of business experience, I have more than twenty years serving in appointed government and non-profit board positions. These are just a few of the reasons I would be proud to become your chosen candidate for  Michigan’s 38th District Senate.

Thank you & God bless!

Colleen & Mike Carey
A Passion for U.P. Culture

Mike Carey for State Senate

It’s our job to create a plan

Together, let’s create an industry of preservation and protection for our natural resources, restore prosperity, and create a culture where families

will proudly call the U.P. their home for generations to come.

The Great Lakes
Mike Carey for State Senate

My experience will propel us to succeed


I am U.P. proud, as my ancestors have been for

six generations before me.


Experience in appointed

government and non-profit board positions


Experience in

alternative energy and business management

Mike Carey for State Senate

Get Involved

Join our efforts to preserve, protect, promote, and prosper the U.P. by becoming a part of the campaign:



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